Tuyển dụng Chuyên viên SEO

Work location:


Years of experience:

2-3 years





Working time:


Sáng: 8h30 – 12h00 

Chiều: 13h30 – 18h00


22 – 35         

Candidate Qualification:

College or higher

Expiration date:


1. Job description

SEO (70%)

  • Market analysis / customer insight on Google Search engine.
  • Analyze, evaluate and schedule keyword SEO;
  • Build Langding page for keywords / groups of keywords;
  • Optimal onpage / offpage;
  • Building backlink sustainable;
  • Track and measure conversion rates to lead, contact;
  • Report keyword SEO results by week / month / quarter / year.


  • Market analysis / insight client on Google Search engine;
  • Analytics, reviews and ad scheduling Google adwords;
  • Implement Google adwords plan;
  • Monitor and optimize the keyword quality of the ad;
  • Measure conversion rate to lead, contact;
  • Reported by week / month / quarter / year.


  • Updating new content to website;
  • Check / monitor the seo level of the article.

2. Job Requirement

  • Graduating college or university; Graduated in Marketing, E-Commerce, IT or related majors;
  • Minimum 2-3 years experience in SEO / Adwords;
  • Proficiency in Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Search, Google Adwords;
  • Activities in the Group / Forum on Google Seo, Google Adwords, Marketing online;
  • Have basic marketing knowledge;
  • Create office computer (Word, Excel) and internet knowledge, social networking;
  • Priority should be given to working in foreign technology and retail companies.
  • Enthusiastic business, love to make money, like competitive environment, proficient in computer science.

3. Benefits

  • Salary of 7 – 10 million depending on capacity;
  • It is considered to increase the salary twice a year and monthly salary 13 according to the results of work;
  • Reward and rewards according to marketing results;
  • Be entitled to the benefits and regimes prescribed by law (Public holidays, social insurance, health insurance …);
  • Holidays, Tet, the treatment regimes for relatives, annual travel;
  • Periodic assessment & clear road map.

4. How to apply

  • Candidates download the Citigo form of CV at  http://bit.ly/2FFqwMG  and send to Mail: ha.pt@citigo.com.vn  under the title: Full name – Position of application – Area . 
  • Deadline for application: 30/09/2018.
  • For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at: 0979334143 (Ms.Hạ – Recruitment Manager).

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