Tuyển dụng Chuyên viên Vận hành (Operation Executive)

Work location:


Years of experience:

0 – 2 years





Working time: 



22 – 27      

Candidate Qualification: 


Expiration date:


1. Job description

  • Control and evaluate the quality of the consultant’s call and customer support of sales staff and technical support personnel in accordance with the standards and procedures of the Company;
  • Make and present daily / weekly / monthly QC reports for quality management and improvement
  • Listen and evaluate the recording from the call center
  • Supervise and follow up customer service staff to propose performance-based training to the Manager.
  • Participate in building checklists to assess the quality of sales staff and technical support staff.
  • Statistics, study the common errors encountered during the exposure and customer support of the department; thus offering suggestions and improvements to improve the quality of services;
  • Detecting offenses committed by individuals / units and reporting to management staff.
  • Make a number of reports, statistics indicators under the direction of Direct management.
  • Other duties as required by the Management & Board

2. Job Requirement

  • Graduate; Priority in Business Administration, Services;
  • Prioritizing candidates with experience in the service sector; Customer care; Human Resources; Internal management;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of operating procedures of different departments;
  • High standards and always aim for better customer service;
  • Fair, transparent, do not ignore any errors or hand lightly any violation;
  • Good presentation skills in both written and spoken languages;
  • Meticulously, carefully, focus on the target;
  • Skills in analysis, statistics, research;
  • Documenting skills, processes;
  • Communication skills and coordination with good departments; take initiative in the work;
  • Proficiency in office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), knowledge of ERP tools, CRM is an advantage;
  • Young, energetic, eager to learn.

3. Benefits

  • Income of 6 – 7 million,
  • Be trained, specific instructions to receive and complete the work well;
  • To be considered for periodical salary increase & 13 month salary based on work results;
  • Be entitled to the benefits and regimes prescribed by law (Public holidays, social insurance, health insurance …);
  • Holidays, Tet, the treatment regimes for relatives, annual travel;
  • Intensive training, periodic assessment & promotion mechanism is not limited by ability.

4. How to apply.

  • Candidates download the Citigo form of CV via the link  http://bit.ly/2FFqwMG  and send to Mail:  ha.tt@citigo.com.vn  with the title: Full name – Position of application – Area .
  • Deadline for application: 30/09/2018.
  • For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at: 0977544062 (Ms.He – Recruitment Manager)


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