Work location:


Years of experience:

3 years




Not required

Working time:



25 – 35          

Candidate Qualification:


Expiration date:


1. Job description

  • Check and reconcile data between internal units, detailed and aggregated data.
  • Checking for incurred operational expenses
  • Check the balance between detailed and aggregated accounting data
  • Check the balance at the end of the period is reasonable and consistent with the detailed report.
  • Accounting for income, expenses, depreciation, fixed assets, liabilities, other operations, VAT and tax reports of the office block, and settlement of the company office.
  • Track the debts of corporate offices, general management of corporate debt. Identify and propose to set up a reserve or handle bad debts receivable company.
  • Printed detailed and aggregated office blocks, aggregated according to the company according to regulations
  • Prepare quarterly, bi-annual and annual financial reports and detailed explanatory reports
  • Guidance on the handling and accounting of accounting operations
  • Coordinate the inspection and inventory at the grassroots units
  • Improved accounting methods and reporting
  • Statistics and synthesis of accounting data upon request
  • Provide data to the board of directors or functional units upon request
  • To work, explain the data and provide dossiers and data to the tax office or audit
  • Recommend and propose improvement measures

2. Job Requirement

  • University degree in accounting;
  • Experienced 3-5 years
  • Good excel, agile, honest, careful
  • Enthusiastic, careful, meticulous, responsible for the work.

3. Benefits

  • Salary: 8 – 12 millions
  • To consider salary increase periodically twice a year and monthly salary based on the results of work;
  • Be entitled to the benefits and regimes prescribed by law (Public holidays, social insurance, health insurance …);
  • Holidays, Tet, the treatment regimes for relatives, annual travel;

4. How to apply.

  • Candidates download the Citigo form in accordance with the link  http://bit.ly/2FFqwMG  and mail to: dung.nt@citigo.com.vn with the title: Full name – Application position – Area .
  • Deadline for submission: 30/09/2018.
  • For more information, please contact our Human Resources Department at 02462537073 – Ms.Dung

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