Company size reaches




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Company history

  • Company establishment with the founding investor of System International Trading and Investment Company Limited (Nettra)
  • Launch of KiotViet sales management software
  • KiotViet software achieved the Sao Khue award of the Top 10 best IT products in Vietnam.
  • The company continues to get a fund of $ 2M to increase charter capital
  • The company continues to get a fund of $6M investment
  • Surpassed 70.000 shops
  • Company size reaches achieve 1000 members, prominent in Vietnam.
  • Received an investment of 45 million USD from the international investment fund KKR, which has a reputation in Vietnam for its investments in Masan Group, Vinhomes, etc.

Mission statement

Our purpose is

to provide technology solutions to help medium, small and micro enterprises run their businesses more easily and efficiently.

We make life

better through developing, innovating and popularizing technology for community benefits.

We stand for

customer-centricity We dedicate to making quality products and services.

We commit to creating

a working environment of fairness, effectiveness and development opportunities for all members.

We commit to sharing

success and responsibility.


Citigo is the popular technology solution provider for enterprises in South East Asia.

Core values

"We honor""


The Customer is the center of our business. The needs and expectations of customers are the compasses for our actions.

The number of customers using our products and their satisfaction is our measure of success


All the products and services that we create suit customers' needs with a reasonable price and simplicity.


We are one to bring benefits to customers


We honor our words.
Our words go hand in hand with specific actions.


We are always cause in the matter.
We are always disciplined in our operations.

Honor Rewards

With our incessant effort over the past years, the awards have always been the spiritual medicine to help us gain motivation to develop quality products.