KiotViet KiotViet

With over many years of continuous improvement in research and development, KiotViet is proud of being the most popular sales management software trusted by more than 100,000 small and large stores in Vietnam.

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Mykiot Mykiot

You can create easily a sales website with many eye-catching interfaces in only 5 minutes. Mykiot helps you add an easy and simple e-commerce sales solution with only 100K/ month.

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KiotPro KiotPro

Known as an online platform of Kiotviet able to connect the stores to reliable providers so as providing a great and cost-effective solution.

KShip KShip

Cổng tích hợp vận chuyển với hầu hết các hãng vận chuyển trên thị trường như Giaohangnhanh, ViettelPost, VNPT Post, J & T… KShip mang lại cho khách hàng một dịch vụ hoàn hảo và chi phí vô cùng tiết kiệm với nhiều chính sách ưu đãi của các hãng vận chuyển.

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Kiot-Finance Kiot-Finance

Kiot-Finance is a service that connects financial institutions, banks with retailers to provide a comprehensive financial solution such as getting bank loans, applying for credit cards, integrating payment solutions for Visa, Mastercard .. and e-wallets.

KPos KPos

A brand of hardware-device provider is able to integrate with sales management application to facilitate an enhanced and coordinated customer experience. It is a result of the cooperation and co-research between Citigo and many domestic as well as foreign manufacturers in order to provide consumers with qualified products at affordable prices.

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